Anklets of Fire
Vijini hailed from a typical middle class family. She had recently acquired scholarship in bharathanatyam from the Central government. An accident changed her fate and she lost both her parents. She was forced to give up her dreams and pursue a teaching career. Her constant struggle with herself and the society is shown in the story. With the passage of time she comes across Renjith who had also given up his childhood dream to become a teacher. Unlike Vijini’s dream, Renjith’s infatuation is out of the way and a dangerous one. Renjith leads a secretive nocturnal life along with his teaching profession.She had fallen for him the moment she saw him. Both their lives get intermingled and it has to be seen whether she finally gets a way out to liberate her soul.
  • Material: Cotton with three quarter sleeve
  • Anarkali
  • Waist length
  • Wash separate with good detergent
  • Casual wear

Anklets of Fire

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